Reading Week in Whitehorse, Yukon

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My family and I travelled and spent the reading week in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada). We initially planned the trip with the intent to see the Northern Lights, but there was so much more this little town offered.

Immediately after I got off the plane, I was reminded how beautiful and inspiring nature is. We were welcomed into the town and at our lodge with incredible hospitality. Every morning I woke up to the sun creeping up on the mountains, while evenings were filled with talking with my sister, sipping on tea and reading. It was nice to be away from technology too (in part because I didn’t actually get phone service…)

People in the town were either Native American (and therefore were born and raised in Whitehorse) but otherwise, most of the town came to Whitehorse as a trip then fell in love quiet town, and stayed. Everyone talked about this “lifesystle” that was particular to Whitehorse – where people liked being distant from the craziness of the city and found a particular peacefulness amongst the nature. Isn’t that beautiful?

Activities during the week included:
-dog sledding
-ice fishing
-northern lights
-lots of tea
-ice sculpting show

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