Jasper National Park

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Day 1: Flew from Vancouver to Edmonton. First time in YEG airport! (Actually it wasn’t that exciting). Met up with 5 other girls from Novia Scoita and the manager of our hotel. Everyone is really nice and I don’t foresee any big conflicts which is reassuring. Everyone is from the Maratime (P.E.I and Nova Scotia) so there are lots of small town talks which are harder to relate to, not that it’s anything of a concern. It’s nice to have friends coast to coast.

Day 2: Still not used to the mountains being so close. I think I really needed some time in nature. I need to take more walks alone and let my mind wind down a little bit.

Day 3: Went on my first run today! I was dying though.. I think it’s the altitude? But I was breathing heavier than usual and also getting small migraines. Hopefully I’ll adjust soon.

Miss Vancouver already, but thankful for my time in the Rockies!

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