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First experience mountain biking! What an adrenaline rush! 80% was an uphill battle, and a lot of the trail I had to carry or lug my bike over tree roots and rocks, but the quick downhill trails made it worth it. It’s the same as surfing, you paddle and paddle and paddle some more, but once you ride a wave it’s all worth it.

And what breathtaking scenery. You know the cliche that’s like “the climb is hard, but the view is great” (or something like that)? Well that cliche is not a cliche when you’re surround by mountains. The climb really is hard, and it is tiring, but the view is really rewarding.

Other thoughts:
– still determined to read more
– have yet to start yoga
– people are really great, appreciate them more
– I have a lot to be thankful for

Happy travels,

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