Lake Louise

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Day two of my journey started with brunch in Calgary and proceeded with a road trip to Lake Louise.  The drive was beautiful as you make your way west Highway 1 and up Highway 93. 20 minutes after leaving Calgary, the Rocky mountains become closer and bigger, and you feel smaller. It’s like when your on a plane and your flying up, or landing, and you see tiny building and little ant-like cars that are moving on the highway – and you feel so small. It’s the same feeling when you drive among large and majestic mountains. Everything is back into perspective – you’re realize that your a lot smaller than the world builds you up to feel. You think less of yourself and more about other things, other people – it’s not sad it’s comforting.

We stopped at the famous Fairmont Lake Louise that overlooks the even more famous lakeview. The crystal aqua blue, glacier fed water is stunning.


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