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Whistler’s Mountain


Hiked Whistler’s mountain yesterday on a beautiful sunny day in Jasper (I finally used my hydro pack that I purchased online at MEC which made me so happy). The weather was hot, almost too hot for a hike, but at least 1/3 of the trek we were shaded by forrest and trees so it was really nice.

The first 2.5 or so km was a steady incline up with switch backs (I call them zig zags). Having zig zags really makes for a more enjoyable hike and you don’t notice the incline quite as much. Then it was a more or less flat 3 km of hiking where we saw steams of water running down the mountain and various wildlife (including the cute squirrel like pika, fluffy hoary marmot, and wild turkey that resemble fat birds more than turkey). At this point we also waved to tourists that took the tramway above us.

The last 4 km was tough (this part was the scramble up to the top of the mountain). My legs, especially my calves, were so tired and every step up was a workout. I wish I was exaggerating but I was exhausted. My friends were feeling the same, but we were so close! At this point we could see the tramway terminal, and we were determined to finish. We were greeted by a wave of tourists who were shocked that we climbed the mountain (it made me feel very proud that I earned the view). When you get off the terminal there is about another 1.5 km to the summit, the very very peak of Whistlers mountain. Of course after climbing 95% of the mountain, we had to hike to the summit. This was the hardest part… I was winded and it was embarrassing that kids and elderly were breezing past us (but they also didn’t climb a mountain).

After hiking back down to the terminal, we grabbed a bite to eat and took the tramway down. Because we hiked up and we’re locals, we didn’t have to pay for the ride back :) For anyone who hikes up, and isn’t a local, you get a ticket for the ride down for half price.

Overall such a good workout, and feeling happy and blessed to spend my summer in the Jasper and in beautiful Rockies.

Other hikes I really want to do:
-Mt. Robson/berg lake trail
-Sulfur Skyline
-Valley of 5 Lakes

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