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Lakes, Valleys and Mountains

DSC_0755Day 1: Short hike around Valley of the Five lakes with school friends.

Just under 2 hours with a brisk pace to walk all 5 lakes. Very nice hike, as most of it is level and not uphill. Beautiful water and beautiful weather.

DSC_0766Day 2: Hiking Sulfur Skyline and soaking at the Miette Hot Springs (picture above is about half way through the hike, prior there were only trees but we finally got a break and could see the valley below us)

Beautiful weather again! Calgarian friend, Wesley, drove to Jasper for the first time and I showed him around town. Strange thinking I’m the “local”. Naturally, the best way to enjoy and see Jasper is to hike! We climbed Sulfur Skyline (as it’s relatively shorter, and the base is at the Hot Springs).

And 2,300 ft later… Breathtaking view at the summit.

According to Trail Peak, east you can see Fiddle River Valley and Mount Drinnan. West and south there is the Miette Range and Utopia Mountain. To the northwest you can see the Ashlar Ridge.

DSC_0798These chipmunks (which I thought were pikas) were running around my feet asking me for trail mix. They were a little bit aggressive but so cute.

Summit of Sulfur Skyline! Made it to the top. We also jogged down the mountain, which was a lot of fun. After our hike/jog, we went to the Miette Hot Springs for a quick dip. It was refreshing and relaxing.