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Family in Alberta (pt.1)

Top of Whistler’s mountain via Jasper Tramway (third time up this mountain and every time it’s just as beautiful as the last)

(Maligne Lake tour by boat) famous ‘Spirit Island’

Boat cruising on Maligne Lake

Maligne Canyon

Lake Beauvert (Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge)


Bear Paw (tasty treats: pumpkin tart, white chocolate raspberry scone – personal favourite, and bear paw)

Heli Helicopter tours

In the air, overlooking the Rockies (Columbia Icefields in the far distance)

My family made the a 4-5 hour plane journey from Toronto, Ontario to Jasper, Alberta to visit me last week! I’ve been somewhat home-sick these past few weeks and seeing them was the remedy I really needed. I don’t usually get home-sick, too be honest, I rarely miss the physical location of home, Toronto. But I did / still do miss the company of my friends and family.  I think I was more home-sick being here in Jasper, than I was in Tokyo last summer. Which is strange because I’m so much closer to home in Alberta, but maybe that’s also the reason why – because I’m so much closer to home.

Anyhoo, the hole in my heart that was yearning for home was filled this week when I had the chance to spend time travelling with my family in Alberta. They landed in Calgary and drove a rent-a-car to Jasper (just under 5 hours and around 400km).

They stayed at Tekarra Lodge (where I work) for 2 nights and I acted as their personal tour-guide around Jasper :) it was neat being the local and being able to point out my favourite “gems” of Jasper

Day 1: Jasper Tramway, tour of town, Maligne Lake, Medicine Lake, Maligne Canyon, dinner at Tekarra Restaurant
Day 2: Lake Beauvert (near FairmontJasper Park Lodge), Bear Paw (for coffee and tasty treats) and road trip towards the Icefields for a helicopter ride

(concludes Jasper portion of trip, next stop Banff/Lake Louise)