Golden, BC for Skydiving

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What an unforgettable adventure.

The decision to skydive was really a spur of the moment decision. I talking with a friend who works in Jasper, for the Jasper Tramway, and he mentioned that he was thinking of skydiving. I replied and said that would be cool, maybe something I’d like to try in the future (of course nervous at the idea of actually skydiving). Several days later he asked me if I was serious when I said it was a cool idea, because him and his three good friends were planning to go and the next available spot was in 6 days. There was one extra car spot and it was mine for grabs if I wanted to go. AND I SAID YES.

6 days later…

The road trip from Jasper to Golden, BC. was shy of a four hour drive (going towards Lake Louise but continuing west on Highway 1, instead of towards Banff). On the drive there we stopped at Morraine Lake just to snap a few pictures and make the most of the drive. We stopped at such a perfect time in the morning; the sun was creeping up above the mountains, giving the lake such a stunning deep blue colour and creating a reflection of the mountains in the lake.



We arrived in the quiet town of Golden, BC. (known primarily for Kicking Horse Ski Resort in the winter) shortly after seeing Morraine Lake. The skydiving took place at an airport just several minutes away from the downtown of the city. There was one small plane operating that day seating 2 jumpers, accompanied by the tandem instructors. It took the plane about 20 minutes to reach an elevation of 11,000 ft. at which point we would jump!

(To put that in perspective, a commercial flight will fly at about 37,000 ft, and if you’ve been on a plane before, when the pilot announces “please return to your seat, we are beginning the descent”, at that point you’re roughly 10,000 ft. Isn’t that crazy!)

I was surprisingly calm on the flight up, I was just enjoying the view of the mountains. It wasn’t until the airplane door opened that the nerves hit me – wind was blowing quite forcefully around me and the propellors on the plane were loud. It was all sky below me, I could barely make out anything else but some clouds and maybe mountains? Suddenly I was standing on the edge of the plane and the view was unreal, literally could not be real. I stood in shock for a second then jumped. Your apparently free falling for 30 second, but I only remember what felt like 3. It was a kind of a blur, all happening so fast.

After the free fall, the instructor pulled the parachute and we were taken back, tugged by the wind slightly upwards, and then we were floating. I could finally take in the view around and below me and it was unreal. The view was breathtaking, seriously astonishing in every direction.









If you’re unsure about whether to pay for photos when you go skydiving, here are the best shots that were taken for me. I personally thought it was worth it, since the photos are usually hilarious and not just of you but of the place you’re jumping from.








All smiles from up here!

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