Morrow Peak / Overlander Trail

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All of sudden my life in Jasper is drawing to a close. Two days left in the season and less than a week till I’m hopping on a plane to BC (where I’ll be for the remainder of my co-op work term). My last day off work was spent hiking (Morrow Peak/Overlander trail) which was perfect. Had a chilly but beautiful autumn day which is rare here (not like autumn days back in Ontario).

My emotions are always so mixed when it comes to leaving and change in general, so torn between the excitement of new opportunities but missing the comfort of…being comfortable I suppose – probably most feel the same way. I’ve spend almost half a year here and this small town has grown on me. The people I’ve met have equally impacted my time here and it will be hard to leave.

When I first arrived in Jasper, the mountains, weather, wildlife (elk as common as people)… everything was just so new to me, but now I feel like I’ve seen and done what I needed to do here. I’m ready to move on and start new adventures, meet new faces and experience more of the beautiful west coast.

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