Vancouver Wine Festival 2014

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Another wonderful benefit of working in Hospitality is the opportunity to go cool events like the Vancouver International Wine Festival. I was invited by someone at work and it was so kind of her to give me a ticket. I really appreciate the efforts and lengths work goes to make me feel like I’m not “just an intern”.

The food & wine event’s focus was on France this year (how fitting with upcoming FRANCE travels)! The festival featured French wine tasting and pairings. I attended the trade show part of the festival where buyers and sellers come together to samples 100s of wine.

Everyone was swirling, twirling, spitting and using wine terminology (it’s… “oaky” “toasty” “dry”), and too be honest it was at first quite intimidating. I’m like… it’s “yummy” “very yummy”. I also felt like it was such a waste to spit the wine! I ended up drinking most of the wine samples I tried (whoops, can’t pass free wine).

However, what I really took away from the festival (besides a bottle of wine and brie cheese) was that all the vendors were passionate about the wine they were serving, they were able to explain and trace the roots behind the creation of the wine. They were able to understand the region that influenced the flavour in the wine. I think when were eating or attempting to pair, we need to think about the origin of the food, where did it come from and if someone where eating this where the food originated, what would they enjoy with it?


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