Sunny Days at Sun Peaks

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“Chute” how did this happen. Ended up at trail where my only options were black diamonds…DSC_0131
Apparently “green door” means drop 90 degrees and add somme mini-mogules.DSC_0134DSC_0133DSC_0129

The folks at Sundance Lodge in Sun Peaks (Kamloops) was in need of a helping hand and reached out to the company – the GM was looking for someone who was able to cover a week’s worth of night audit shifts and I volunteered!

Work whisked me away and I’ve been in Sun Peaks for 5 days. I have been working 11pm – 7am shifts. My days consists of working, napping, snowboarding, napping.

I’m doing night audit which means I’m awake when no one else is. I had a rough first shift when I hit a wall and couldn’t function half way through the night. But I’m into day four of seven and feeling productive. I mean there really aren’t any distractions! I still get very sleepy around 5am.

The weather here has been incredible, I don’t think the name Sun Peaks was coined by chance – I’m definitely getting my vitamin D fix. On average Sun Peaks gets over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year! Sunshine it makes me happy.

Snowboarding every day has been such a wonderful bonus. I’ve only Whistler to compare, but I’m a fan of Sun Peaks. The resort itself is smaller and less crowded. I  feel like ‘Whistler is to Banff’, as ‘Sun Peaks is to Jasper’ (in terms of size, popularity…etc.). I’m a fan of the local vibes and less “commercialized” atmosphere.

Looking forward to the rest of my time here but I cannot wait to sleep normal hours again! Zzzz.

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