Eat, Sleep, Travel Vancouver video

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This was a short video my friend, Aaron, and I created for a student council campaigning. I am happy to announce that we both were elected for the positions we ran for. I will be incoming Director of Charitable Events and Aaron will be Director of Finance for our program’s student council. I will primarily be overseeing and organizing two charity events. I also hope to create more volunteering opportunities for our students within our community. The University of Guelph is an incredible advocate for sustainability development and local food movements so I truly believe there is so much room for volunteer.

In this video Aaron and I tried to hit as many iconic Vancouver spots as we could in a day and on a budget. What can you spot? What did we miss! Also this video goes to show that you can enjoy so many things in this city on an almost empty wallet.

I want to know what you think so I can share some of these local gems with my family and friends who will be visiting in a couple weeks! I’m excited to show this beautiful city and also take a little bit of time off work to travel with them.

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