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Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I was thankful that my Father came to visit me in Vancouver over the long weekend. He flew from Toronto on Friday morning and arrived in Vancouver mid-day the same day.

Vancouver was beautiful and sunny on Friday and I had the chance to show my Father parts of Downtown. We walked from the sea wall to and around Yaletown where he was continually drawn to the cherry blossoms on the trees.

After lunch we took the Aquabus, a boat/bus that operates on False Creek, to Granville Island. For about $2.50 one-way, it’s not a bad way to see parts of Vancouver. A much more enjoyable mode of transportation than the bus on a sunny day. We had sushi on Granville at a restaurant called Shuraku Sake Bar. The prices were totally reasonalble and the fish was fresh!

Saturday morning we left to cross the border for Seattle (the first time for the both of us)! What a scenic drive along the Pacific Northwest – we were surrounded by tress, drove along the Coast for parts of the trip and had mountain views almost the whole way there. It was much more lovely than road tripping to Buffalo from Toronto.



While I was doing some research about Seattle I couldn’t help but notice what raving reviews Savour Seattle Food Tours were getting on Trip Advisor. They had fantastic comments about being authentic and local, many said it was a must-do. So my Father and I deiced to give it a whirl and booked a tour in the afternoon.

I was so impressed! My Father and I walked around the Market before the tour and we knew little about what it had to offer. Our tour guide provided interesting facts about the history and development of the marketplace. She kept us entertained with songs and puns the whole tour. We were also fed well – of course I would hope so given it was a food tour, but at the end of the tour I don’t think I could have eaten anymore food.

We were given tasty doughnuts from Daily Dozen Doughnuts – famous for their fresh cinnamon-sugar mini doughnuts. Then were tried tea and spices from Market Spice. We watched some fish tossing and samples various types of salmon at Pike Place Fish. Have you ever tried Salmon jerky?! It’s delicious.

We continued to venture to Frank’s Quality Produce where we sampled local fruit including Opal apples which are incredible. They are bright yellow apples that are only grown in Washington. There was so much more to our tour that it’s hard to recall all the details, I wouldn’t want to miss out on any key eats.

We enjoyed deli meat from a BB Ranch, seriously incredible award wining chowder, tasty cheese from Beecher’s, a sandwich from Pear Deli and last but not least crab cakes from Etta’s Seafood Restaurant. It was so much great food, it’s hard to pick a favourite but if I had to it would be a tie between the salmon and chowder.

DSC_0064 DSC_0073 DSC_0076 DSC_0081DSC_0121DSC_0171Oh and my dad bought me flowers for Easter! So blessed!


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