Starbucks (the “original”)

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We found it! We found the original Starbucks opened in 1971 in the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

It’s something that everyone wants to see when they go to Seattle, the coffee shop is just as much of an attraction as the Space Needle. In fact, the line for a cuppa was much longer than admission tickets for the Space Needle.

It’s special that the layout of the store has not strayed far from it’s roots. From the wooden panels, hand written coffee menus, and old logos, the small coffee shop creates feelings of novelty and tugs at the idea of humble beginnings.

Except the first store isn’t actually the original Starbucks, more like one of the first stores but not the first. The store moved shops from 2000 Western Avenue to it’s current location in Pike Place Market five years after it opened in 1971.

I know that people can be quite opinionated when it comes to Starbucks (as a company and for their beverages), but the story of the company is truly quite remarkable and Howard Schultz is a noteworthy self-made business entrepreneur regardless.

Anyone who can turn a quaint coffee store selling coffee beans to the commercial empire it has become has my respect.

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