One Year

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Kits beach, Vancouver / standing in the same spot, pointed  the camera in three directions. I think this sums up why I’ve fallen head over heels with this city. 

And in a blink of an eye one year has passed. I set off for a one year work term exactly this time a year ago and it’s hard to believe that my time out West is drawing to an end with only 6 weeks left.

After making the decision to move here, I didn’t look back much. Now that I’m reflecting on my year I can’t help but think of what opportunities I might have missed out on had I chosen a different job. But then I think about everything I gained this past year – not selfishly gained, but how I now hold a new collection of memories and experiences that I could never and would never give up.

I’ve had highs and lows this year, like any year. Days where I woke up and stumbled, struggling to pull my feet and move forward. Days where my heart felt heavy and hardened from unkind souls. Days where I went to bed feeling like I only did what I needed to do, but not more. I’ve learned what a terrible feeling it is to blindly try and please. How terrible it is to not know what is wrong or how to fix it. How good memories are so vivid, yet fleeting.

Yet through these hard times I was able to understand and put into perspective the magnitude of kindness and compassion. This year I experienced the fulfillment of hard work and climbing mountains (literally). There is an inexpressible joy in knowing and proving I was capable of more credit than I gave myself. I’ve experienced the exhilarating challenge of learning and I never want to lose this thirst for knowledge.

Changing, growing.

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