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collage1DSC_0224 DSC_0235 DSC_0238First half marathon, check! Feeling sore but also accomplished after completing my first 21 km race.

I set a personal goal to compete the race in under 2 hours and I beat my goal finishing the race at 1 hour and 49 minutes. 49 must be some lucky number because I finished my 10 km race in 49 minutes the week before!

I was thankful to have my mom support me at the start and at the finish. Having someone who will hug you before a race and double check your shoes are tied and triple check your warm enough before the race helped so much with my nerves (and made me feel a million times more loved).

I also had my sister who support was incredible that day. She ran the 8 km race that day so thinking of her running at the same time was great moral/mental support! I had my friend Aaron, who is also working in Vancouver, line up and start the half marathon with me. We went on several runs together so it was great finally making it to race day together. Aaron and I stayed together for about…10 seconds (I think he had a shoelace problem) but at least we started together and I waited for him at the finish line!

As for the actual run, it was raining throughout the whole race and I started the race really cold and wet, I warmed up part way through the run but didn’t dry up at all. It was bad when I could feel my shoes get heavier as they absorbed all the water. Water slushing inside your shoes is not pleasant. In that regard, the race was a little bit uncomfortable. What I really enjoyed about the run was the amount of people that came out to support. Although there were handful of signs that were dedicated to certain people, there were also so many people, groups, families that were out in the rain to just support all the runners. It was so encouraging! People of Vancouver, you rock!

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I’d like to run a couple more half marathons and then maybe I can aspire to complete a full marathon sometime in the next several years! Happy running friends.

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