Jas & Moni in Vancouver

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My two best friends, one since I’ve know since I was four and the other since I’ve known since high school, flew from Toronto to Vancouver to spend the week with me. Them visiting me while I was out here was something that we talked about a year ago. I actually remember talking through the decision with them and saying, if I move to Vancouver you have to visit. It’s hard to believe that one year later everything worked out.

It’s their first time on the West Coast and in Vancouver. How they reacted when they saw mountains and the ocean reminded me of how filled with joy I was when seeing it all for the first time myself. The sheer excitement and realization that your surrounded by mountains and ocean is incredible.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take time off during the week which meant we could only spend our evenings and the weekends together, but it ended up working out well and they met up with other friends and explored parts of Vancouver I haven’t even seen yet. They stories are wonderful, I wish they could share them with you as well.

DSC_0243Trip to Granville Island via False Creek Ferry: such a classic way to see all three bridges and get a lay of the land. We walked around Yaletown first, picked up the ferry at the Yaletown docking and stopped at Granville Island. It was a beautiful day, the market was packed, there were fresh flowers everywhere, and there was a lovely french musician entertaining in the open. DSC_0255Dinner at Craft: beers, beers, beers.DSC_0256Olympic VillageDSC_0301 DSC_0305Seeing mountains…(100% candid which is hilarious)DSC_0307 DSC_0314

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