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My day always starts with a cup of coffee. I love coffee and I love mornings. I think I’m happiest in the morning, sitting reading a book and enjoying coffee.

I had a wonderful cuppa joe at Revolver in Gastown. There are so many charming and unique cafes in Vancouver that even if coffee isn’t your thing, they’re worth a visit for a good atmosphere.

Revolver is one of my favourite cafes in this neighbourhood. All the coffee is pour over brewed and served individually which seem to be increasingly popular. The shop, I’m told, has a rotating list of coffees from the best small-scale roasters around North America.

I took my coffee to go and headed to the Waterfront Station to catch the Seabus to North Vancouver. I really enjoy the North Shore (as the locals call it). It’s a nice break from the city, but still close to the city. A balance is hard to find when living downtown.







I met up with two friends on the North Shore and we drove to Grouse Mountain to do the infamous Grouse Grind. Aka “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”.

Base: 274 metres above sea level (900 feet)

Summit: 1,127 metres (3,700 feet)

Total Stairs: 2,830
Statistics: Annually, over 150,000 people hike the trail
It just was not a particularly enjoyable experience, it was great at the top but the actual climb was extremely tiring on the calves and surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) my hips. I felt like I had been climbing for a long time only to look up and see the 1/4 mark. The second quarter was probably the worst… never ending. The third quarter had lots of steep steps which were not cool. And the last quarter was actually decent, but it was also the last quarter so even if it were hard at least you could see the light at the end of forrest.
Would I do it again? No desire, really. Although I’m in no rush to return, the view at the top and the feeling that you completed 2,000 stairs definitely made it worth it. I also had great weather and wonderful company.
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