Travelogue Hong Kong: First Day

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My time in Vancouver unfortunately came to an end two days ago. I have honestly never been so sad to leave a city! I’m usually okay with picking up and moving but it was hard to say bye to a place I could easily call home. I had my last cup of joe at Timbertrain Roasters, a favourite in Gastown, and said goodbye to friends that weekend.

Although it was sad to leave – really really really sad to leave, I am excited to spend the summer travelling before returning to school in the fall. Let the adventures begin with a trip to Hong Kong!

Yesterday (or two days ago?) I took a plane from Vancouver to Hong Kong to visit my grandparents. About every two or so years, my family takes a trip to Hong Kong and Japan to visit our family (my dad is Chinese and my mom Japanese).

Flying from Vancouver to Hong Kong was a 13 hour flight. The plane ride went so well though despite sounding long and dreadful. I was upgraded to premium economy which really is an upgrade from the economy seats so I have to brag a little. The seats are definitely not-good-enough-to-have-a-curtain-separate-you-business-class but good enough to make a common economy folk happy for 13 hours! With about half a foot of extra leg room, some extra wiggle room on the seat, one served meal and extra drink services, I personally thought it was a great deal.

When my sister and I were young, we spent a lot more time in Asia, travelling and living for almost all of summer – which is a big deal when you’re a kid since you only have two months of summer. Although it was not what ever kid did, I’m glad we did because it was then that I was able to pick up both languages without really realizing.

But now trips are seldom and shorter. This is also the first time I’m travelling here to Hong Kong alone, so I’m going to try and appreciate all the things I took for granted in the past – taking in the culture and eat a year’s supply of dim-sum. Mission accepted. Without a doubt I will gain several pounds this week, as my grandparents find joy in feeding me absurd proportions of food. Honestly, I think it’s a Chinese thing in that there’s a direct correlation between how much food you eat and how happy your relatives will be. I’ll try to figure out the actual formula this week… (to be continued)

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