Travelogue Hong Kong: Shopping and Sticky Rice

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I went shopping at ‘Ladies Market’ in Hong Kong. I remember going as a kid having to hold onto my mom’s hand for dear life or else I could easily get lost in the hundreds of stalls. But now, the stalls seemed to have spaced out quite a bit leaving a little bit (only a little bit) of breathing room. With many stalls of bargain clothing, accessories and fruit?, the Ladies Market is a unique Hong Kong shopping staple. I would just caution buying…well anything because all the products are cheap quality but walking around is fun.

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Cereal and milk for breakfast? No, not for the Chinese. Yesterday and today I was offered rice type dishes for breakfast… Growing up on cereal only for breakfast, I had a hard time stomaching rice before noon. In Japan as well, they have rice, fish and vegetables with their breakfast meal but I think I’ll have to politely stick with my all-bran muesli goodness.

Yesterday was ‘loi mai gai’ (stick ricky wrapped in lotus paper) and today was congee (a rice porridge) with deep-fried dough. I actually really enjoy both dishes just not in the a.m. so I had to wait a couple hours before indulging in the glutinous dishes.


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