Packing, Planning and Posting – What’s in My Bag?

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I’ve been home for just over a week now (recently returned from my trip to Hong Kong) and now I am, as my titles states, Packing Planning and Posting.

I purchased my ticket to France several months ago and decide at that time that I would have “lots of time to plan”. Now I fly out tomorrow and the last several day I’ve been scrambling to figure out when and where to visit, plane and train rides, as well as living arrangements (which seem to prove the most difficult of all three).

I’m a little bit more relaxed in nature, which is probably the reason I’ve put off figuring things out and going into this trip with a “well I’ll figure it out on the way, and everything will work out” mentality. I still believe it will! But I know that without some fundamental planning, I’ll waste both time and money that could be used much more wisely.

I think a balance is important – have a well-thought out plan with the flexibility to make changes!

As tedious as it is to figure out what times the trains depart or which rail line is available from each city, planning is really fun. It turns daydreaming into (almost) real travel.

If I could do it all over again (rewind back several months) I would take more time reading about each city – learning about the history and incorporating what I really want to see into my itinerary.

I’m all packed now with 1 x 40 L backpack (pictured and carry-on friendly), 1 x smaller 20 L backpack and a purse! I’ll be picked up at the airport the day after tomorrow in France by my best friend and her sister. They are going to show me the land of delicious baguettes and beautiful art. Au revoir :)

Before and after! I really like using packing cubes and rolling everything up to keep things organized.


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