Travelogue France: City of Lights and Baguettes

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Bye Toronto! And I’m off and so the adventures begins. Last night I flew from Toronto to Paris CDG, which is the main airport in Paris and a large international hub for connections as well.

The flight was okay, compared to the 14 hour flight from Hong Kong, 8 hours wasn’t bad at all. I left YYZ around 7 in evening. It worked out well because I napped right after taking off at didn’t wake up fully until we had 3 hours left to Paris.

Have you noticed the lights above change colour? It’s LED lights that are timed depending on your flight to help your body adjust to jet lag. I’m not sure if this is the case for all Air Canada aircrafts but I think it helps.

After 8 hours on the plane, I arrived in Paris. First thing I grabbed was an expresso (since the French don’t drink regular drip coffee because it’s “too weak””! Also why an Americano is named after the Americans because the water added to the expresso shot weakens the strong, bitterness of coffee.

Then I was welcomed by my best friend at the airport. We took the train and picked up lunch at a cafe. It’s crazy that the last time we really spent time together was when she visited me in Vancouver. We went shopping during the day, and now let’s see what the city of lights will have in store for us!

DSC_0005 CDG Train PlatformDSC_0006Courtyard of my friends apartment home20140717-185300-67980507.jpgDSC_001220140717-185307-67987373.jpgDiscovering cafes and baguettes at every corner

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