Travelogue Amsterdam: A Side Trip to Zaanse Schans Windmills

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It was a last minute idea to make a side trip from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans which is a scenic and historic windmill town. Seeing the windmills was something I wanted to do while I was in Holland so I took a train, just before lunch, to Zaanse Schans which took about 40 minutes.

The Dutch of course are well known for their impressive windmills. Their likely first use in back in the day (13th century or so) was to grind corn. But the windmills became much more important with time and became a source of literal power, becoming useful for many many things.

Although now Zaanse Schans is really a touristy attraction more than anything else, it was neat to see real working windmills. Like a mustard windmill!!

I also saw the cheese making process in a shop that specialized in Dutch cheese. I keep wanting to buy things like cheese and chocolate, but fear of it melting in my bag is too real of a fear. I have to keep reminding myself to hold off on perishable souvenirs. Plus cheese is heavy!20140724-132926-48566691.jpg20140724-132954-48594032.jpg20140724-132956-48596103.jpg20140724-132951-48591917.jpg20140724-133939-49179262.jpg20140724-133941-49181477.jpg20140724-134454-49494450.jpg

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