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Several days ago I took a bus from Paris to Amsterdam after saying goodbye to my best friend Jasmine and her sister. I’m so thankful that they took care of me during my visit and how accomodating they were despite their situation.

Unfortunately the short time I spent in Amsterdam was mostly in rain. Fortunately, if living in Vancouver taught me anything – it is that don’t let the rain stop you from doing anything (including run a half marathon!)

When I arrived at Amsterdam I was slightly in shock not knowing where I was, not speaking Dutch, and not having anyone with me; but public transportation was accessible and not too confusing. It really helps doing a little research ahead of time.

Just a tip that you’ll probably get away anywhere in Amsterdam with just English. People, especially in tourism, most likely can speak English well if not fluently. I found that the tram in Amsterdam was great! The canals may be everywhere but unless you have a boat, hopping on and off the tram worked best for me.

Or bike.

Bikes. My oh my were there a lot of bikes. Amsterdam actually has more bikes than people! About 880,000 to 799,000. The difference has possibly to do with the stolen bikes each year.

The first part of my day consisted of walking around the city and exploring the different neighbourhoods. I went to two museums in the morning, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh’s museum – both are so worthwhile and conveniently next door.

The Rijksmuseum featuring work of well-known Dutch artists. Unfortunately, I only really recognized several, but the museum itself was beautiful. I know the artwork means more when you understand it’s history and it’s background, much like understand the history behind architecture, but sometimes it’s just nice to admire the art. And know that it had an impact on many people, I think that’s special too.


The Seventeenth-century canal ring area of Amsterdam inside the Singelgracht became part of the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010.

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Beautiful brick homes and architecture

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