Travelogue Brussels, Belgium: A Walk Around Town

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I had such a wonderful time in Belgium! I was surprised by how beautiful the city of Brussels. I really didn’t know what to expect. Brussels, as I learned, was the main city centre for trade. In the Middle Ages it quickly became a hub for exporting and importing goods to different towns in Belgium and to neighboring countires. The trading ground now is referred to Old Town Brussels called the Inner Ring Road.

I think many people overlook Belgium as a place to travel to and see it as more of a halfway point between Paris and Amsterdam (which I did as well). But don’t cross it off the list because there really is a lot to see and I think it would surprise you if you had the opportunity to travel there.

I arrived in Brussels (midi station) via iDBUS around noon and found my way to the hostel. The metro for the most part was straightforward. The only slightly confusing challenge were the multilingual signs in French and German – figuring out which I was reading and what corresponded to my map was the only small challenge.

I joined a walking tour offered by the hostel I was staying at because why not. And it was free! So right after dropping of my bags I started walking with a group of mainly students from our hostel lead by our guide from the company Viva Brussels.

She was a student from Belgium studying tourism in Brussels and she was great. If anyone’s going to show me a city, I only want to see it from the eyes of a local! I also met some really amazing Canadian guys on the tour. It’s the most Canadians I’ve met outside of Canada!

20140725-210756-76076961.jpgCity Center20140725-210756-76076053.jpg20140725-210755-76075300.jpgThe King’s House or “Maison du Roi” or “Broodhuis” in Flemish. This spot served as both a bread market and an an administrative building.

20140725-211928-76768605.jpgMannenken Pis statue: a statue that has become incredibly famous for reason I do not understand. But the legend goes that during a fire when the main buildings in the city centre caught on fire, a boy ran out and peed on the fire. 

And I bet you had no idea Manny (Manneken Pis) has a sister Jeanneken Pis. She was created by the locals and placed in the middle of a street that has many restaurants. People (tourists) would come by the restaurants to see her, thus drawing in crowds. 20140725-211932-76772871.jpg20140725-211929-76769428.jpg
Tin Tin artwork! And other well known Belgium art is displayed around Brussels. This was done in effort to make citz more beautiful.20140725-212313-76993555.jpg20140725-212312-76992055.jpg20140725-212314-76994308.jpg20140725-212312-76992804.jpgThe King’s Royal Palace20140725-213137-77497670.jpg20140725-213136-77496782.jpgCathedral of St. Michael. Beautiful on the inside and outside, just steps away from the city centre.

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