Travelogue Belgium: Biking in Bruges

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Bruges (also Brugges with two ‘g’s if your Dutch, or Brügge two ‘g’s no ‘s’ if your German) is located in West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. The town is located northwest of Belgium.

I did a side trip to Brugges which costed me 6 euro one way and took only an hour by train! The ticket I found was a student discount one-way pass which let’s you travel anywhere in Belgium. What a great deal and you can also buy a return ticket for the same price. There’s also summer deal for 8 euro anywhere in Belgium.

I’ve been able to use my International Student Identity Card (ISIC) at a number of different places so it’s really come in handy. The card is the only internationally accepted, UNESCO endorsed proof for student status, so you’ll be able to save wherever it says student discount.

Biking around town, I was able to see almost everything the town had to offer. I was lucky that I arrived on a Wednesday, unplanned I walked into the weekdly market where locals and tourists were purchasing everything from fruit to flowers to meat and street food. It was so busy!

The town was small but just a charm to it. Seeing the medival houses and buildings was like stepping back into history. A lot of the town was untouched by the war. Bruges had very little to offer for the war, it was poorly located and not strategical to set foot on so many of the buildings remained untouched.

I ended my side trip with a pint of the local brew, enjoying the beer in the company of new friends I made on the bike tour. I and snacked on some cherries on the train ride home and left so enchanted by Bruges.


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