Travelogue Belgium: Food Edition

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Belgians food surprised me as much as Belgium itself! Although the country can’t make up their minds on a language, they unanimously have come together to bring the people of Belgium tasty food.

1) Belgium chocolate

Fans and supporters of all things chocolate belong in Belgium where choclatiers literally flood the street (over 2,000 chocolatiers in Belgium!)

Most places, if you ask polietly, will give you a free sample of their chocolate. As I was wandering around Grand Place I sampled quite a number of different choclatiers, including famous brands like Godiva and compared it to other places that were more local.

This was one of my favourites – Elisabeth! Their chocolate coffee beans were so tasty, everything from that to their chocolate truffles and noguets. I bought a small handful of chocolate coffee beans to snack on.


2) Belgium frites

French do not get the credit for creating this wonderful potato dish. In fact it’s the Belgians we can thank for this invention! Belgian frities are really popular in Belgium and can be found almost anywhere. They serve them with just about any dish and you can buy them off the street, served in a cone!

(The best things are served in cones!! Think about it. Frities, crepes, ice cream, even sushi cones)

Belgians are known for tasty dipping sauces including the classic straight mazonnais. Something I would not eat every day, like a poutine I have to rationalize, but it was so delicious.


3) Belgium waffle

Chocolate was good, fries were better, but the WAFFLES are the best! Heaven is a place on earth when the waffles are 1 euro! There were so many topping options (all costing an additional .80 – 1 euro extra). I had a strawberry, nutella waffle for 1.20 euro.

20140726-085239-31959099.jpgwaffle-220140726-085240-31960495.jpgThis is the best place to get waffles I’m told. For a couple extra euro (3.5 euro) you can taste the difference between a street waffle and a gourmet waffle, so to speak.

4) Belgium Beer & Mussels in Brussels:

If all else fails, how about a restaurant holding the guiness world record for the serving the most beers? Delirium located in the busy streets right outside the city center is known for serving over 3,000 beers. 3,000. That’s overwhelming! It was really lively at night crowded with a mix of locals and tourists.

Mussels can also be found at just about any restaurant too. Mussels (moules) are normally served in a large black pot with the shells still attached. I had a pot with fries and beer for only 10 euro – the portions were huge and it could have been a meal for two!




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