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20140728-212506-77106186.jpg20140728-212615-77175327.jpgOn the night train from Paris to Munich

This post is pretty much dedicated to my dad and his love for cars! Just a disclaimer before I continue with photos, I am by no means a car fanatic and/or a BMW fan. I’m far far from someone who actually knows much about cars to begin with, let alone the history of BMW.

But my dad being both a fan of cars and BMW, I decide to make a stop to BMW Welt (or World) while in Munich. It was my first stop in the city!

As I walked out of the train station I didn’t have to look at my map and try to figure out where I was, the BMW buildings were right in front of me. I was shocked at how stunning the building were on the inside.

The BMW “grounds” consist of the BMW Welt (open showroom, free to public), a museum (charge), a production plant and world headquarters office. The production plant can be viewed on a 2-hour tour.

(I didn’t do the tour)

I first walked into the showroom and explored the different displays. Mainly taking pictures of what other people were taking pictures. The shop was also really neat – you could literally wear everything BMW branded, and then of course carry a BMW umbrella and use a BMW sponge to clean your BMW car using BMW products.

I moved on from BMW Welt to the museum which featured mostly permanent collections and the explained the history of the company. This was interesting and I actually learned quite a bit – like did you know the company started out by crafting aircraft engines?

It was actually almost embarrassing as people were gasping and pointing at different engines and cars and I was like ‘oh wow it’s really shiny’.

On my way out I walked into a motorcycle show where the motorcyclist did tricks on the show floor which was really neat.

I still learned a lot, okay… I learned a decent amount, and I saw some fantastic cars – some of which I thought ‘hey that would be cool to drive on the autobahn.’ So if I could enjoy the BMW museum, literally anyone can – if not for all the shiny things, at least to see the architecture. I’m glad I had the chance to check it out!20140728-212640-77200076.jpg20140728-212642-77202318.jpg20140728-212904-77344616.jpg20140728-212906-77346766.jpg20140728-212917-77357149.jpg20140728-212919-77359566.jpg20140728-213605-77765991.jpgThe first car20140728-213603-77763841.jpg20140728-213613-77773346.jpgBMW cars modeled 1:1 with clay20140728-213615-77775814.jpg20140728-213853-77933792.jpg20140728-213851-77931577.jpg20140728-214356-78236289.jpg

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