Travelogue Austria: Singing in Salzburg, Mozart and Musicals

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From Vienna I traveled to Salzburg, about 2.5 hours west of Vienna by train, close to Germany, not far from Munich. Actually many people take a day trip from Munich to Salzburg. The city is famously known for being home to the filming location of the Sound of Music and the birthplace of Mozart! Lots of music notes and cardboard Mozart cut-outs in this city.

Exhibit A! Mozart cut out is even holding a Mozart button. His other hand pointing to Mozart souvenir shop. 

And with the Sound of Music, the life of the von Trapp Family is inseparably linked to the city of Salzburg. There were many tours that would take you to the different filming spots, but one place that many people visit for free is the Mirabell Gardens and Pegasus Fountain (dancing scene with Maria and the children – do re mi fa la la la). You can’t help but want to burst out into song when your in such a lovely garden like this one. 20140804-210702-76022101.jpg20140804-210856-76136258.jpg20140804-210910-76150328.jpg

After strolling the Mirabell Gardens and hearing people sing and hum tunes from the Sound of Music, I went to the Mönchsberg building. The highest floor of the building is the “Museum der Moderne” but I skipped the museum and instead enjoyed the view from the platform at the top. Below was the Old Town and picture perfect Hohensalzburg Fortress in the distance above Salzburg.

There’s several trails that you can take from this viewpoint to the base of the fortress. I opted out on the walking trails because I didn’t get a chance to explore the Old City yet.


As I got out and starting walking the streets of Salzburg, I saw so many people with gelato and ice cream. It was a hot and sunny day so my next mission was to find some tasty gelato. Really, everyone had scoops and scoops of gelato in their hands!

I kept walking and saw this large crowd a little ways ahead of me. It must be a good gelato place I thought!! I walked closer to the crowd and noticed that the people were taking picture of a building. I looked up and realized that the building they were taking pictures of was Mozart’s birthplace (and not a gelato parlour)!

Happening to stumble upon it, I decided to walk in and see the museum. And I’m glad I did! The Mozart family lived on the third floor of the “Hagenauer House” at Getreidegasse 9 for twenty-six years, from 1747 to 1773. The celebrated composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was born here on January 27, 1756. The whole yellow house is now home to a museum dedicated Mozart and his family.

IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0633Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed inside but there were many neat items that belonged to Mozart like original letters he wrote as to his wife when he was travelling, or a piano he used to practise when he was young, and even a lock of his hair (which was actually a little bit strange). Mozart felt trapped in Salzburg and moved to Vienna where he built his career composing for the Vienna Opera House and also there he spent the latter year of his life with his wife.

After the museum I got gelato, aren’t you happy I found gelato! Then I walked to the base of the Hohensalzburg Fortress to take a cable car. The cable car takes you to the top of the fortress where you can walk around and explore.

IMG_0617IMG_0614IMG_0619 IMG_0620
And that was the end to a wonderful full day in Salzburg, oh wait one more thing…IMG_0613
Mozart Statue 

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