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Are you ready to hold you’re breath through this post, because the oldest Austrian town of Hallstatt literally took my breath away and I hope these pictures give you a glimpse of what I was able to see. I made a side trip from Salzburg to Hallstatt. The train ride was under 2 hours but you have to switch trains once and after you got off the train at Hallstatt you had to take a ferry boat across the lake to the actual town of Hallstatt – making this community even more remote and beautiful.

I woke up early (we’re talking 5:00 a.m. early to spend as much time in Hallstatt). I took the first train leaving Salzburg around 6:30 to arrive in the town just after 8:30. I suppose the people in Salzburg did not have my dedication to arrive early because I was the only one who got off the train at Hallstatt. The train moves on and as I wait for the ferry I’m in complete peace and quite. It was incredible.

The ferry schedule aligns with the train departures and arrivals, so not long after I got off the train I saw the ferry driving towards me. I was the only one on the boat! I got to sit and stand and walk around taking pictures. Since it was early in the morning there were no other boats and the water was still. The sun had just risen, giving the town a look like it was just waking up with the sun.






I got off the boat and wanted to take more photos of the small town of Hallstatt. The town is really tiny and so once you get off the ferry you are pretty much in the middle of the town. I walked passed the town towards the right, facing the lake, to see the town from another angle.

IMG_0456 IMG_0457


I walked back towards the town and passed the main square. I went to up to the graveyard of a church where I was told you could also see a nice view of the town. It was beautiful, but I still think the photos on the ferry ride gave you the most picturesque views of Hallstatt.


Not everything in Hallstatt was picture perfect as one of the oldest traditions in the town (dating back to twelve century AC) was to take the skulls of the dead and put them in what is known as the Beinhaus (bone house). The bone house was behind the graveyard of the church.



It was creepy… so here is a picture of swans. It was nice leaving that room and to be back outside in Hallstatt. Next I walked to the base of the oldest salt mine in the world, over 7,000 years old. A funicular took the people to the upper valley where there was a viewing platform and the Salt Mine building.



DSC_0084Viewing platform DSC_0073

DSC_0068Left of Hallstatt
DSC_0070Town of Hallstatt

Salt mining uniform (that is given to each person)

After a great tour of the Salt Mine I went back to the town to grab a bite to eat as I waited for my ferry back to the train station. It had been a long day for me, but I had an incredible experience in Hallstatt. I hope to be back in this small enchanting town one day!

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