Travelogue Switzerland: A Glimpse of the Swiss Alps

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I normally insert the photos into the post, but I didn’t want you to scroll on and on. So instead I’ve uploaded a small galley of my favourite photos of the Swiss Alps!

Most of the photos were taken off the train coming down from Jungfrau to Kleine Scheidegg to Lauterbrunnen. There’s two way to reach Jungfrau but both ways you have to switch trains twice.

option 1: Interlaken -> Grindelwald -> Kleine Scheidegg -> Jungfrau
option 2: Interlaken -> Lauterbrunnen -> Kleine Scheidegg -> Jungfrau

The first option, I was told by a local, is better because you follow the direction of the sun – seeing it rise in the early morning and fall in the evening (if you spend you’re whole day in the Jungfrau/Kleine Scheidegg region).

I also got off at Lauterbrunnen before going back to Interlaken to do some walking and exploring. The area is well-known for their beautiful waterfalls!

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