Travelogue Switzerland: Top of Europe at Jungfrau

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I had a wonderful time in Austria! What a beautiful country with such rich history, but now I’m moving onwards and upwards to the Swiss Alps.

Oh how I love and missed the mountains. The Canadian Rockies literally have a piece of my heart and getting a chance to see the European mountain ranges was a dream!

I took a train from Salzburg to Zurich, then Zurich to Interlaken. I was initially planning to spend some time in Zurich (as it’s the largest city in Switzerland) but decided to pass and move straight to the mountains. Interlaken is in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps and is one of the most accessible towns to the mountains and lakes in the area. Interlaken literally translates to ‘between the lakes’, Lake Brienz (east) and Lake Thun (west).

The town of Interlaken is small town with two train stations, Interlaken West and Interlaken OST (main train station). The distance between the two stations is about 6 mins by train or a leisurely 20 minute walk. The main town is in between the two stations.

Unfortunately when I first arrived in Interlaken the town was covered a thick layer of fog. I could hardly see 15 metres ahead of me and it was also raining. Where am I, I thought…

One of the things I wanted to do in Interlaken was see the “Top of Europe”. So the next morning I woke and planned my day to take the trains that would summit Jungfraujoch (it’s as challenging to pronounce as it looks). It was still cloudy in Interlaken and I was worried that there would be limited visibility at the top. But as we (the train) climbed upward it was incredible how we passed the clouds.

IMG_0729IMG_0728 IMG_0658IMG_0634IMG_0636IMG_0498IMG_0638IMG_0639IMG_0640I made it to the Top of Europe at Jungfrau! The first viewing platform was at the Sphinx Observation.IMG_0641 IMG_0499IMG_0647 PicMonkey Collage3IMG_0648

The last stop of the trip at Jungfrau was the Plateau viewing platform. At the edge of the platform there was a camera set up that streams videos online to their website. I texted my mom and coordinated with her to see me wave at the camera. The tricky part was timing.

The video camera isn’t live so it actually records clips and put the clips online with a 5-10 minute lag. I wasn’t sure when the clips would be filmed so I stood in the middle of the Plateau and waved at the camera for 15 minutes (I actually looked crazy). BUT if you want to see me wave too, just follow the link!! (Keep your eye out for a girl wearing all black and bright blue runners)PicMonkey Collage2DSC_0213PicMonkey CollageDSC_0255I love the Swiss flag! I will also be celebrating National Swiss day here in Interlaken!


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