Travelogue Switzerland: Up, Up and Away in Interlaken

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When in Switzerland, or when in Interlaken… the thing to do is paraglide! The beautiful town of Interlaken and the Jungfrau region is a beautiful place to visit and even more beautiful place to experience from a bird’s eye view.

I booked a paragliding experience (spur of the moment decision) after seeing all the beautiful paragliders in the sky. I had been skydiving before but this time would be different, I could actually enjoy my whole time in the air without freaking out!

I was picked up the following morning in town where we were paired up with an instructor – mine was a British who moved to New Zealand to work as a paragliding instructor, then travelled to South America for a year, and is now living in Switzerland to continue being an instructor (you meet the coolest people traveling).

It was a half an hour drive to get up the side of the mountain and onto a hill where the gear was set up. I was the first to go of the three others that were in the car. The instructions were simple, he said “we run then we fly”.


So that’s exactly what we did! I wasn’t nervous, more excited but my palms were a tad bit sweaty as I wasn’t sure how exactly we were going to start flying. After Drew (my instructor) buckled my backpack to his harness we started to jog downwards. I had no idea what was going to happen but then I felt a jerk backward and I couldn’t really run anymore, before I realized my feet were off the ground and we were up in the air! It was all smoothing flying from there.


We kept going higher and higher, and the view was absolutely beautiful. It was blissful to fly. It was also calming to be up in the air, what little nerves may have been there before the flight was quickly up, up and away like I was!


(PS. Read about the time I skydived over the Canadian Rockies here!!!)

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