Travelogue Switzerland: Swiss Day

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I happened to be in Switzerland for National Swiss Day (August 1)! I was so fortunate to be in Interlaken at the time as well, as the town prepared a lot to celebrate the holiday.

I woke up and the hostel was decked out in Swiss flags. The restaurant had a Swiss themed menu and all the plants had little Swiss flags sticking out of the pots! Then I walked outside and was greeted with even more Swiss flags handing out of windows, on the back of bikes and many t-shirts of red with a white cross.

The first event that took place in town was at noon. Just before noon 26 paragliders took flight each holding one of the 26 Swiss state flags. They all took off at around the same time so that the sky was filled with colourful paragliders.



Then there was a parade in town that featured all things Swiss from history to traditions (including yodelling, Swiss folk and the playing of the Alphorn which is the long tube like instrument) and free beer!







The town was just filled with good vibes (and a lot of tourist) as people were anticipating the grand firework show at the end of the day. During the day there were small concerts scattered around the town and the whole day there were outdoor stands of beer, crepes and cheese fondue! I’m not sure why anyone wanted to eat hot cheese fondue on a hot day, but I mean that’s the whole Swiss experience in a dish! 


DSC_0066Sun setting, people playing with fireworks


What a wonderful show!! It was such a joy to be in this town on their holiday and on my last day in Interlaken, I had such a great time here and can’t wait till my next trip to the Alps! Next time I will pass the town of Interlaken and hopefully do camping around Lauterbrunnen/Wengen (just take me where the mountains are!)

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