Travelogue Hawaii: Beach Days

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I’ve recently returned home from a family vacation to Hawaii (our family loves that sunny remote island so much it was actually our 5th time returning). We love Hawaii. We’ve honestly made a second home out of Honolulu and can’t keep ourselves away, and why would we!

This time we didn’t island hop and stayed in Oahu, but our second vacation we made a side-trip to the Big Island (largest island home to one of the most active volcanoes) and our fourth time we made a trip to Maui (dotted with quaint towns and beautiful beaches). I was also lucky to share Hawaii with my best friends on a graduation trip several years ago. In our eyes, both my family and friends, Hawaii is like no other place on earth.

Perhaps the word Aloha (as I’m sure you’re no stranger of this word) paints a wonderful picture as to the unique and warm people of Hawaii. The Spirit of Aloha literally translates to “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life”. Aloha, as my surfing instructor says, is a deep meaning of love to others – beyond it’s simple translation of hello and goodbye.

I wanted and meant to blog along my trip, but another thing that Hawaiians are well-known for is doing everything in “Hawaiian time”.  As in most places lucky enough to have sunny weather all year round, life can happen slowly – much, much more slowly. I, being in Hawaii at the time, was completely taken over by Hawaiian time so I am catching up on blogging now!

Highlights of my vacation included:

  • spending time with family, especially my sister
  • spending time with my Japanese cousins who I haven’t seen since Tokyo 2 years ago
  • eating my weights worth of cheap and delicious pineapple
  • catching up on personal reading
  • completely relaxing and having no set schedule
  • hiking in the forrest with sister and father
  • surfing every morning!!!!!
  • spending time with my surf instructor/mentor, listening to him talk about life and the ocean

DSC_0157 DSC_0161
First sunset in Hawaii

Surfing every morning was a joy

DSC_0117DSC_0121DSC_0127DSC_0143DSC_0699DSC_0700DSC_0708DSC_0711Japanese cousins, Kazuki and Yoshiki


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