Summer in the Mountains (Innsbruck, Austria)

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This is my last summer summer before I complete my final year (two semesters) at the University of Guelph. I think I’m still trying to understand where and how I can make a meaningful contribution to the world through my life, work and my career. I’m trying to understand my unique calling where I can find a sense of alignment between who I am and what I do.

In search of answers and new opportunities, I decided to apply to complete a summer exchange in Austria at the Management Center Innsbruck. And I was accepted! Just like that, in a couple days I will traveling to the Innsbruck, Austria.

The mountain town of about 120,000 people is nestled in the heart of the European Alps. Innsbruck is the capital city of the Tyrol state in Austria; it sits in a valley surrounded by mountains. When I traveled to Austria last summer (on my solo-backpacking adventure), I went as far west in Austria as Salzburg and Hallstatt, but I didn’t have a chance to stop in Innsbruck.Screen+shot+2012-10-14+at+11.24.49+AM

66904-logo-mci-management-center-innsbruckWhy Study at MCI? (was the question I asked myself, and maybe you’re wondering too)

While MCI was able to provide ten (really) good reasons for studying at the Entrepreneurial School®, I chose the reasons that stood out to me:


1. Studying where others spend their holidays 
With the city’s central location between Italy, Switzerland and Germany, the spectacular mountain scenery of the Tyrol, the MCI’s proximity to Innsbruck’s lively Old Town, its synergistic ties to Innsbruck University and the impressive architecture of the campus, the MCI mentors the motivated in a unique situation for study and leisure.

2. A living university town 
With its 35,000 students, the universitiy, conference and Olympic city of Innsbruck is one of the most popular university locations in Europe, with a rich tradition of learning, academic excellence and a vibrant student scene in terms of culture and living facilities, discourse and encounter.

Gebaeude_MCI_I_1_MCI-2-1200x797-13. Let’s go international 
Students and faculty from all over the world, a semester abroad and study modules at prestigious partner universities, double-degree options, internships with global players and a variety of international activities open the door to international perspectives, intercultural competence and professional development.

In summary, mountains + Europe + learning = bliss


I want to be immersed in a place where I can balance study and adventure – MCI was able to offer the environment where I felt I could have both aspects. While it may seem like I’m going to focus on the latter (adventure), I am truly excited to be studying from professors and teachers with different perspectives on the world and business. It’s just such a bonus that I can also walk onto a mountain after class. The courses I will be taking include: International Business, International HR, International Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Update, I’m going to London, UK before traveling to Management Center Innsbruck!

The criteria for pre-MCI travel was twofold, (1) reasonably accessible to Innsbruck by plane or train, (2) valuable/meaningful travel (never traveling for the sake of traveling)

I talked to my mom who casually suggested London. I paused because I didn’t even consider the city. I was busy looking up hiking spots in the Dolomites, but with only a week before MCI, it didn’t seem realistic to try and conquer the mighty Italian mountains (and on my own).

In the back of my mind it felt like I had already been to London (but I haven’t). I’ve always wanted to see where my parents met and studied and visit my friends. I also will be saving on airfare this way! It’s a perfect opportunity. More adventures in the days to come.

Photo credit to Management Center Innsbruck

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