Travelouge London, UK: A Historic Afffair

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Today I visitied the tower of London. What appears as a mighty fortress and castle on the outside has quite a grim history on the inside. The Tower of London has incredible architecture and is the landmark in the story of British history. It’s also a perfect example of how bloody the British literally were in the 15th and 16th century, with the last execution taking place after WWII.

I was hesitant to go inside initially, mostly because of the steep admission price. But as I was walking around the castle, I was more an more intrigued to what the walls held on the inside so I decided to purchase a ticket.

While I was paying for my ticket, I was told that there would be a free tour starting in 10 minutes – perfect timing! I walked towards the drawbridge of the castle and waited for our tour guide who was dressed as a Yeoman warder (also known as “beefeaters”…scary). He was a good tour guide, painting us a picture of the history that was made within the walls of the brick.


Visitors can walk the fortress walls and visit guard towers, see the magnificent (sparkly) crown jewels, and Henry VIII’s armor. It was worth the admision price, if nothing at all just to see the structure and the exhibitions (it’s very much like a museum)!  

In the evening, I went to all the shopping districts around  Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus. It was an overhwelming amount of people in the evening, much like Tokyo’s shopping districit in Ginza.  After a lot of walking around and window shopping, we stopped around South Bank to have a bite to eat along the river as the sunset over the city.


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