Abroad in the Alps: Sports Culture

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Sport is, and has always been, very important in Innsbruck. If you search the internet and try to understand  what Innsbruck is known for, you will find that the people of Innsbruck are proud of hosting the Olympic Winter Games twice and proud of their connection with nature and the outdoors (which makes sense given their home nestled in the mountains).

Upon arriving to Innsbruck I found myself immediately immersed in the active lifestyle. I found myself watching the exciting IFSC Bouldering European Championships in Innsbruck. I had no idea where I was walking, after dropping of my bags in the residence, and as I was wandering I found myself staring at a huge event space in Marketplaz which featured a climbing wall across the main stage. It’s been an excited past 48 hours in Innsbruck – looking forward to the next several weeks!

The next morning, I left home first thing in the morning to explore the city. And yet again I found myself in the middle of a sports event, enjoying the competition as a spectator of the active competitors! This time many of the roads were closed to host a marathon.     

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