Abroad in the Alps: A Chapter in Innsbruck

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Innsbruck, Austria

And so a new journey countinues as I throw my backpack on my shoulders once again and step foot into a town surrounded by calm, great, and vast mountains. I have started a summer Exchange program in Innsbruck, Austria where I will be studying International Business and Entrepreneurship.

Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol (pronounced Tea-roll) is located in the “heart of the Alps”. The city is surround by high peaks (still covered in snow). The name Innsbruck, is derived from the River Inn and the German word “bruck” meaning bridge, combined is “bridge over the Inn River” (the main river called the Inn). Such a simple name, just like Interlaken in Switzerland was dervived from the word “inter” and “laken”, meaning in between the lakes.


Student Residence


Walk to school (MCI bulding I in the city centre).

Innsbruck is a university town: About 25.000 students are enrolled in the University of Innsbruck, the Innsbruck Medical University and the Management Center Innsbruck. The town has shared facilites and collaborate with each other to provide students the best experience. I was told that about 1/4 of the population are comprised of students, truly a University town!


The Hofgarten (English: Court Garden) is a protected park located on the edge of the Altstadt (Old Town). Perfect napping and reading spot!


Horizontal (sleeping?) tree in The Hofgarten.


I look forward to living in this place for the next several weeks. There are parks and green spaces everywhere, people seem to really enjoy the outdoors, the culture is laid back (not slow paced, but a special culture you get in mountain towns), and there’s easy access to the Tirol countryside. But of course, best of all are the Alps surrounding you in every direction.

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