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“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!” – John Muir

After about 2 weeks of rain the sun finally made an appearance in Innsbruck. And I can’t help but be so overwhelmed and thankful when I see the mountains each morning. Some friends and I decided to take the Nordkette after class in the afternoon to walk and have a beer in the mountains. The Nordkette is a cable railway that can take you from the Old Town to the top of the mountains  Within several minutes you’re already 1,000 ft. high at the Hungerburg Station where you can look down and see stunning panoramic views of the town of Innsbruck.

Friends from Mexico

Theses are some of my friends from Mexico City and Stephi (my “MCI Buddy”  who helped coordinate and faciliate the beginning of my exchange). It has been such a joy to get to know these girls, they have all unique backgrounds but share their happiness for life – from throwing fiestas and making sure that I am invited every time they go out for dinner, they have shown their enthusiasim for life and friendship. Stephi has shared with me her love of the outdoors and the mountains so it has been wonderful connecting in this way.

Don’t you also think that Innsbruck is the most magical place in the world? There is a feeling of peace in this city that must come from being steps from these views.

We all started to hike toward one of the “huts” that serve food and drinks. There are quite a number of these huts that are scattered at different points of the mountain close to the places that the tram stops. Most of us grabbed a beer! The most common beer brand in Austria is Stiegl. One of the really popular drinks here is the Radler (brewed by Stiegl), which is a half beer and half sparkling lemonade drink. It’s such a refreshing summer drink and even better on a mountain!

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