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Swarovski Kristallwelten Wattens

Although I didn’t actually get a chance to go Swarovski Crystal World I thought I would include it in this post and let you know it’s worth seeing if you get a chance to visit Innsbruck, Austria. Most of the photos taken in this blog posts were snapped by a friend from Innsbruck, I just had to share some of my favourites!

My classmates went for a school field trip to The Swarovski Crystal World but I decided not to attend because I had the opportunity to go camping the same weekend with some amazing friends I had just made! I figured that the museum will always be there, but camping and spending time with new friends was an experience I couldn’t replace. That just means I’ll have to come back to Innsbruck one day! The museum is a 20 minutes drive away from Innsbruck and from what I’m told it is a sparkly-sparkling fantasy worth visiting.


Goldenes Dachl (located in the Old Tow), probably the most photographed spot in Innsbruck (next to the mountains)!



Last night out with my Mexican friends! Grab a Radler if you’re in Innsbruck/Austria or Germany! It’s the perfect summer’s night drink.


Saying goodbye to this home-dorm. It has been lovely! I feel incredibly grateful that my residence was so close to the city and school.

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Last lunch on campus with some of my friends. The cafeteria remains one of my favourite spots to eat – you win a student’s heart by being convenient, cheap and always serving large portions. Caro, pictured above, was the sweet girl that picked me up from the airport on my first day and she helped me navigate my first few hours in Innsbruck. It was hard saying goodbye, but she has such a sense of adventure and wonder and I think our paths will cross again!


In the evening the Exchange students were invited to an event hosted by the school. The ‘Summer Event’ was for faculty, alumni and students. The event took place at Hofgarten, an outdoor bar patio, and there was an enormous buffet and complementary drinks! Not a bad way to end the week in Innsbruck.

Everything was wonderful except on my way home I walked into the pole… it’s not what you’re thinking I only had one glass of wine! I walked into a pole because I was starring at the part of the town that overlooks the mountain. I know it sounds so cheesy but I was once again in awe of the place I had temporarily called home.

Sitting by the river, watching the water flow steadily with the mountains in the background and being consumed by joy and peace… these feelings, these people will be a treasured memory. Farewell, and until next time Innsbruck!

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