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Onsen culture is particular to Japan and it is important in the daily lives of Japanese. Onsens are important for relaxation and stress relief and has been enjoyed for centuries. Japan being a hotbed of geothermal activity has naturally occurring mineral hot spring across the country.

While most onsens are build in rural, mountains regions; it’s hard to find anything like that in Tokyo. But since I’m here in Japan, I needed my onsen fix. I know that bathing isn’t for anyone, it’s not for a lot of people who aren’t Japanese. But if you just embrace that people are all here to seek a spot to heal and relax, then it’s an incredible enjoyable experience.

While I didn’t have the luxury of time or money to leave Tokyo for an onsen, I found a healing spot well within the concrete jungle.

LaQua – Tokyo Dome

LaQua Tokyo Dome has drilled underneath Tokyo to find a natural spring some 1700 metres down. There are three floors dedicated to the onsen experience, including the baths itself and other spa and therapy treatments. So while you don’t get the stunning mountainous and forest backdrop to your onsen experience, being so convenient within Tokyo surely compensates that fact and allows you to relax without having to go far.


View from the relaxation room (row and rows of comfy reclining chairs)

Name:Tokyo Dome Natural Hot Springs Spa LaQua
(Front Desk) 6F LaQua Building, 1-1-1 Kasuga

By train:
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line/Namboku Line Korakuen Station
Toei Mita Line/Oedo Line Kasuga Station
JR Line/Toei Mita Line Suidobashi Station

Website: http://www.laqua.jp/pages/en/index.html


Tokyo Dome City

Lunch at Denny’s

Have you ever been to a Denny’s in Japan? If not, I think it would be worth your while to make a visit to the family restaurant when you’re here. It’s a cheaper option with good a good mixed menu and lots of options for children.

I know it doesn’t sounds like anything special, but I think if you tried it I think you would be pleasantly surprised for the small amount of money you paid. There are obviously cheaper places to dine, and there are better quality food restaurants, but for something in between – satisfactory/good food and really reasonable price – this place is the place to go!

It’s also special to me because when my family travelled to Japan (when my sister and I were younger) we would always look forward to Denny’s being our first meal out of the airport. It was one of the few “traditions” our family had! Or maybe my sister and I were just insistent and forced the tradition in hopes of eating as many Denny’s meals as we could while we were in Japan.

Oh how the tables have turned – now I’m the adult and get to watch my small cousins enjoy the fun shaped and decorated children meals that I loved as a kid!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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