Riverside BBQ in Machida, Tokyo

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This weekend was a three day weekend because Monday was a National Holiday, Ocean Day (‘umi no hi’, 海の日). The National Holiday is described as a day to be “grateful of the benefits of the sea and celebrate the prosperity of maritime nation”. Another wonderful reason to spend time outside!



Even though I wasn’t at the ocean this weekend, I was by a river enjoying the company of family, friends and good food. I was reunited with a Japanese friend I made in 2012, and her name is Rika. We have a lot in common, even our birthday are only one day apart!

Rika introduced me to her close friends and invited me to her home in Tokyo. We spent the a full day before the BBQ to buy and prepare food. During our shopping adventures we were able to catch up and talk like no time had past since we were last saw each other.


Two cars filled their trunks with food, drinks, tables, and tents and headed out to the river early in the morning. We quickly set up our spot and started the grill right away. On the menu was a range of Japanese foods – there was nothing “American” about this BBQ which means squid and yakitori instead of beef patties, grilled tofu and mushrooms instead of grilled peppers, and soy sauce instead of BBQ sauce.

Other delicious Japanese foods like ribs, Yakisoba, edamame, peaches and plum were happily consumed. Oh and Japanese love their beer! Something so tasty about a dry cold beer with yakitori on a hot sunny day!

Kampai カンパイ (^-^)/ロ**ロ\(^-^)


Yakitori (焼き鳥)





Three kind of mushrooms grilled.


Yakisoba (焼きそば)

I helped make this delicious looking heap of Yakisoba which is prepared by frying noodles with bite-sized meat, vegetables (usually cabbage and onions) and flavored with yakisoba sauce.


I want to thank my friends for showing me such an amazing time this weekend in Tokyo!

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