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I’m blogging again!!! And I’m done final exams! Yay!

I have a tendency to hibernate from my blog during school. When I’m in school I don’t find the same inspiration to write as I do when I’m traveling. There’s a certain liberating feeling that allows creativity and inspiration to flow when I’m away from the familiar.

And university, campus, this city have become familiar. Which in it’s own way is special. I like the idea and reality of having roots and community, and getting to know the places you call home. I just know there are the very special moments when travelling, where our normal lives becomes full of context and meaning. There must be a balance, which I long for, yet surely is not a destination in itself.


West Coast


The first thing I did in Vancouver:

I somehow convinced my mom and sister to participate to sign up for a 5K Run with an Elf theme. Today we ran* in the inaugural Big Elf Run at Stanley Park in support of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver! Each participant received elf hats and crazy made up elf names. It was hilarious and everyone was in such a good mood. I’m sure running would be much more enjoyable for people if you were given elf hats, free hot chocolates and “ran” along side people who were laughing and talking the whole run.

*others might refer to this as leisurely paced walking DSC_0006 DSC_0039




Afterwards we enjoyed the ideal post-race meal, spaghetti or ‘SPAGHeTEI‘ (tasty Japanese-style spaghetti). The restaurant has roots in Aomori, Japan. I love the Japanese and other Asian influences in the food scene in Vancouver. It makes me/my tummy happy!

It’s very exciting to say that “Vancouver is Home”. Being born and raised in Toronto has had many, many good moments. I am grateful for sacrifices that were made for my parents to immigrate to Canada. The weight of that decision, I could imagine, is heavy but hopeful.

I spent one year on the west coast of Canada, working in Jasper National Park, AB, and Vancouver, BC. At the time I felt a certain magnetism toward the opposite side of the country. I was thankful that I received a job offer that aligned so well with my values and this personal yearning to see the West.

In those, now looking back, brief, moments in Alberta and British Columbia I felt at home. The mountain range backyard, the whiff of the ocean in the air, even the misty rain in Vancouver grew on me… these moments were priceless. Now my family has made a (very big) decision to move home-base to Vancouver. This decision come with sacrifices and opportunities. I am hopefully that this change with positively impact us and give us the chance to spend more time in Asia.

I’m also graduating soon! With this comes many more thoughts on career and life (more thoughts and reflection on this to come soon). I am thankful I took the opportunity to take graduation photos with my friends around campus. It was an absolutely perfect autumn day that I will remember for a long time!


The Portico


Johnston Green & Johnston Hall with Drew (my friend and inspiration)



Autumn leaves of Souther Ontario are my favourite.






Thank you to talent and friend Yu Hang Photography.


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