Travelogue Whistler: Wanderings in the Village


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Located in just two hours north of Vancouver along the Sea to Sky Highway, Whistler is a spectacular mountain destination. There’s a lively village at the hub of the two mountains. I had the joy to spend time discovering Whistler!

I arrived in Whistler from Vancouver by bus via Epic Rides. It’s the cheapest mode of transportation out there! It’s $35+ tax round-trip from Vancouver to Whistler. If it’s a nice day outside, the view of drive is very beautiful. Unfortunately it was snowy and visibility was quite poor.

I had a free afternoon before waiting for my friend to finish work. It worked out so well because it was the first time I had the opportunity to wander and explore the village on my own. I was guided by my search for food, coffee and other musings in the village.

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Olympic Village


There’s something very cozy about all this snow in the village. There’s a lot of laughter around the village from families. You see small children roll around in snow wearing puffy snowsuits and it makes me nostalgic! People seem warmer despite the cold weather.


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I arrived in the village around the same time that people were coming off the mountain for après. The après-ski culture of relaxing, eating and sharing a drink after a day’s adventure is what makes the whole sport of skiing and snowboarding so awesome.

Après–ski: the social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing

Après-ski is a time-tested tradition, which begun in Norway (mid-1800s). Back then it was a gathering at friends’ home. Today, it’s no longer the humble house meet-up it once was but a wintertime mountain merrymaking! Beyond the food, it’s about the celebratory environment and cheering among friends!

The first meal I had was a delicious meat pie from Peak Pies. It’s filled with warm ooey-gooey goodness. The pies are served ready-to-eat and you have the option of making the dish “peaked”, which means they add mash potatoes, peas and gravy ontop of the pie. It’s so filling and I could see how skiers and boarders would crave a hearty meal like this after a day on the mountain.


The Green Moustache was connected to a local boutique 3 Singing Birds – the vibe in tiny space was warm and lovely. Purebread was an ideal spot to warm up with Stumptown coffee and a wide variety of sweet treats and fresh bread.




In the evening I went to Mexican Corner where my friends worked and I had a fantastic meal. The restaurant was busy and it’s definitely worth visiting! They serves traditional favourites like tacos, quesadillas & margaritas.

We had guacamole using fresh avocados and a blend of sweet peppers and jicama. They have incredible dishes with seafood as well, so don’t stop at the meat options. I had a fish tacos with sauteéd snapper topped with southwest salad and pico de gallo.

Filled with tasty food I was ready for a night of rest before an early morning on the mountains!

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