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Up, up she goes!

Exams end! I nervously wait for results. I recovery from a terrible virus! I pack, I donate stuff (lots of stuff), I pack, I donate more stuff.

I passed my exams! I’m done my degree! And I jet-set to North Vancouver, my (now) home.

I’m reacquainted with friends, the gentle giants of the coast. The mountains. I’m hugged by the warmth of the sun. The sun stays awake much longer here and doesn’t set till past 8:30 at night. I’m grateful to be here.

DSC_0285 21.19.05

On Saturday I go for a dip. In the ocean. Today’s a celebration! So we gather snacks, perogies with bacon and cheese, local brews, and blankets. I’m reacquainted with university friends. The ones from Ontario share their fondness of the west coast. “We will stay!” “We will return!”, they say! I understand their longing to call this place home.

sit in the ocean.

it is one of the best medicines on the planet.

– the water

Nayyirah Waheed

DSC_0281 08.13.53

The sun sets here on the beach. Full, expansive, radiant. Glowing on the waters, on mountains, and on faces. Yellow hues touch each corner of the horizon.

DSC_0297 08.13.53

i count how many ways water can look: 1. falling from above 2. bigger than the horizon 3. floating patiently 4. abandoned on the shore. i lose count. – Bekah 

DSC_0292 21.19.01

DSC_0316 08.13.53

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Grouse Mountain

I start work! On a mountain!

Twists and turns on paths unexpected have led me to a position where I get to spend all day outside. Hooray!

Training begins: arms sore, legs tired, nose burnt, confused.

Training concludes: body stronger, learning about co-workers/friends (they are: international, local, funny, outdoorsy, kind, knowledgeable, thoughtful), finding (many more) moments to appreciate the view, grateful.


Skyride takes me to work, stellar commuters view


Refuge for endangered wildlife: grizzly bear lost his mom and was found orphaned



I take my mama-bear to see Grouse mountain and where I work! We cash in some sweet perks and have dinner at the Observatory.

We completely forget about food (which hardly ever happens) to take in the view from our corner spot of the restaurant. We spot all the landmarks in city. The sky is clear and ocean blends to sky, soft blue hues. Below us is vast valleys of evergreen tress.

We resume to food!



Amuse-bouche & appetizers to begin

Fraser Valley Butternut Squash Tortellini Roasted squash, kale, ricotta



Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon // Yakima Valley Lamb Sirloin





I’m thankful for this backyard. I’m excited for many more summer adventures here!