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On life, work, and change in Vancouver


Hello from sunny & (now) summery Vancouver. The rain seems to have finally called quits, and I’m happy to have the sunshine stick around. My tomato and cucumber plants are grateful for the sunshine too!

If anyone is at all curious as to what I’ve been up to in my first two months on the west coast, this compilation of photos and words is for you! Yay!


Deep Cove



Cates Park

These last two months have mostly been centred around adjusting to work, sorting through paperwork for my masters, playing the ukulele, and small adventures here and there.

I’ve also been volunteering for Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. This has been an exciting way to meet to new people and learn about B.C.’s great parks, oceans and ecosystems. The aim of the organization is to advocate for and protect the wilderness! Essentially what I’m passionate about too – keep the wild, wild!

(on most days) it’s been nice not having a car! I’ve been taking the bus everywhere and walking. I still find myself still starting out at the mountains and realizing that I’m a stranger in this place. I swing back and forth between feeling like a local and feeling like an outsider. Yet more often than not, here feel like home. 


Bowen Island


It recently dawned on me that I actually don’t have a lot of time left in Vancouver before I leave for Denmark in the fall. This realization blanketed a sense of urgency – I have to see more of this city, of these mountain, of the sea.

Whenever I travel I have this sense of urgency to see as much as I can see, and explore as far as my feet can take me. Yet, this urgency feels different than the “fear of missing out”. It’s more so a yearning to understand what makes a place a place, and a home for locals – in the most real and authentic way possible. Traveling alone helps.

I’m not sure why this thought seems worth mentioning, but the momentary panic subsided when I realized that Vancouver is home. And home means that I have the rest of my life to one day explore BC.


In other exciting news, I graduated!


Surrounded by my most loved ones in Ontario, I walked on stage to pick up my diploma and said goodbye to Guelph, the small little cow and college town. I started this journey not knowing a single person and walked out, four years later, with a handful of friendships with humans who have inspired, push and pulled, motivated, and moulded me into a better person. I wouldn’t have changed a thing (cliche as it sounds). My final year was probably the best out of all the years!



DSC_0151 edit

Now I’m off, back to the summer job I love! And I’m sticking my head in the books preparing and planning for my next grand adventure!

Cypress Mountain

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