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Travelogue Tofino: Getting to the Island

Over beers with friends, a half joking, half dreaming “let’s go to Tofino to surf” became a reality. A couple days later we were planning for a mini-getaway from Vancouver to the “island” (Vancouver Island). The spontaneity of an adventure makes it all the more exciting!

It was one car and six people travelling together. We woke up at 4:30 in the morning and drove to the Horseshoe Bay terminal bound for Nanaimo. Since the ferry is packed in the morning, we had to arrive an hour early before departure to guarantee a spot.

The ferry ride is a lovely experience! There is something very calming about being in the middle of the ocean and moving away from the city shoreline. We had a hearty breakfast on the ferry (naturally overpriced), but tasty none the less.

After arriving in Nainamo we were bound for Port Alberni. On the way I was told by a friend to stop by Goats On The Roof, and as the name states, there were goats on the roof!


Goats On The Roof


The next ‘along the way’ stop was Cathedral Grove, which is a forest of giant, old growth trees. Anyone who knows me, knows I love trees. There is so much beauty in a single tree, but a forest is a wealth of life. The soft whistle of wind between leaves, the hum of bugs, the chirping of birds, the shuffle of feet in the dirt.


Cathedral Grove, trail


Lunch time!


Waterfall time!




We took a quick roadside stop to admire the view. It’s distracting driving along a highway surrounded by incredible scenery. It was a similar drive to the Sea To Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler. The difference being there was so little to no cell service from Nainamo to Tofino (which was a breath of fresh air – the irony of being unplugged to feel recharged!)



Stay tuned for more!

Happy adventures,