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Travelogue Honolulu, Hawaii: Ocean Therapy

The last two weeks of my time in Vancouver have been a whirlwind of adventures. Everyday I felt like I had somewhere to be, someone to see. It was amazing and exhausting in the best way possible.

11After returning from a short trip to Whistler my body decided it wasn’t happy with me. I found myself in a lot of pain the day before I was leaving for a family vacation to Hawaii.

I was supposed to say goodbye to a handful of friends at a gathering but my body literally wound’t let me. I was stubborn and thought I could push past the uncomfortable pain, but I’m thankful that I was taken to the hospital to have my body checked out. It was abdominal and stomach pain that could have been appendicitis, but thankfully wasn’t – it was just as it started, unexplainable abdominal and stomach pain.

It was a good reminder that health is the most important thing and to be mindful of my body signals. Despite missing out on some goodbyes, it made for a memorable last night in Vancouver – and I’m thankful for that too.

I was still in pain on the first day of the Hawaii, but I insisted that I was well enough to surf. And surprisingly I felt so good when I was surfing. I honestly believe that the ocean – salt water and sun – is healing and being distracted from my pain was therapeutic.

We had brunch! Post-surf meal was eggs Benedict, Big Island beef loco moco*, local farm eggs omelettes, and healthy acai bowls topped with fruit.

Food always taste better when you “work” for it. Camp food, whether it’s a plain bagel or kraft dinner, taste so much better after a long hike. Likewise, food after surf is so fulfilling, and it’s extra special when you get to enjoy a hearty & local meal.

*loco moco = contemporary cuisine of Hawaii; traditional loco moco consists of white rice, topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy



In the afternoon we slacklined (thank you for sweet birthday present Claudia!), ate ice cream, napped, read, painted, swam. It was so lovely!


We waited for the sunset.
We watched the waves.
We saw a sea turtle!
I named it Sheldon. Sheldon swam, and swam into the sunset.
Surfer caught the break, the water tinted in the afterglow of the sun.
There’s a peace in the moments between each crashing wave.
There’s peace in the moments leading to a setting sun.
There’s a peace that lingers and remains when you’re happy, when you know where you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.




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