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Travelogue: Scandiscursion – Oslo, Norway


Our alarm goes off at 5:30am and we find ourselves tip-toeing around the hostel in Copenhagen. Life at hostels is small beds, tight spaces, dark rooms, quick showers, interesting people – it feels like an airport where people are always going in and out, here and there for different reasons. It’s fascinating and tiring – do it when you’re young – go experience the calm and craziness of hostels.

We pack and dress for an early morning to Oslo… by bus! We walk to the bus terminal right next to Copenhagen train station. We wait in the cold and our bus arrives and we hop on. It’s a 8 hour journey to Norway through Sweeden.


As we leave Denmark, our bus loads onto a ferry which takes us to the border of Sweeden. Once the bus unloads in Sweeden, the passengers are asked to go through Sweedish customers. From the chitter-chatter around us, we find our that border crossings are getting more strict. There’s a dog that sniffs all our luggage and we are required to go through individual inspection.

We pass by the Sweedish country-side. Tired and slightly hungry. We go through rain, clouds, sunshine… spot an Ikea!…. continue onto the highway. Finally, we arrive in Oslo bus terminal. As we’re approaching I see a lot of gray and glass buildings. All shaped uniquely and almost futuristically.




Storing our luggage at the bus terminal we proceed to explore the city. Oslo is only a transit place for our final destination, Iceland! But we decide to make the most of our half day before waking up early and leaving the following morning.

We find a tourist map and “follow” the points, walking along the shopping streets and city center. We pass by several sites but nothing particularly excites me. Perhaps it’s the accumulation of sleepiness or the lack of connection I often find with cities. Yet, the streets are well-kept and there are still interesting buildings to see.


Norway is expensive, have you heard? I thought Denmark was expensive but I cry a little each time I have to swipe my card or pay in cash because Scandinavia really is an expensive place to travel.

This post is as short as our time in Oslo. Perhaps I will return one day to experience this city more fully since I only had a glance. There is no urgency to return here, but a stronger desire to see what the rest of the country has to offer.

Off to Iceland!


Recommend hostel in Copenhagen:

Urban House Copenhagen
Address: Colbjørnsensgade 11, 1652 Copenhagen V Phone: 33 23 29 29

Not recommend hostel in Oslo:

Anker Apartment
Address: Københavngata 10, 0566 Oslo, Norway Phone:+47 22 99 30 00